Ta da … here’s my apartment :-)

ide ide isi rumah

Beautify Your Home

Some people have been asking me how come I write about home design and decor without even featuring my own home, not in this blog and not in some flashy Singaporean design magazine .. 🙂

Despite our wish to have our first home featured in a Singaporean design magazine, we decided otherwise because we didn’t want to give our interior designer the credit for it. She ran away without completing the job, and never supervised or control the quality of the contractor’s work. For me, who lived in Jakarta at that moment, and my husband, who travelled out of Singapore 75% of the time, this was a major, major bummer.

Yet, the fact is that at one point we were her client and wouldn’t be able to stop her from showing off the magazine pages (if there’s any), telling people that she did our house .

However, now that we…

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